Synthesizer V Pro macOS Installation Problem and User Manual

Hi, I would like to report two problems, one regarding installation and the other regarding “Show Help”.

First, installation on macOS. I have macOS Mojave (10.14.6), and after I unzipped the installers and double clicked the installer to install, I got the follow error:

I was able to work around it. So for those who ran into the same problem, the solution is simply to right click the installer, choose “Open”, and then you will get the same error prompt, but with the option “Open” to continue launching the installer. So far so good.

However, once I launched SynthV Pro and tried to install voicebanks (which I believe are installed by double clicking the .svpk files), it didn’t work. I double clicked, once or twice. It launched SynthV Pro correctly, but didn’t install anything. I right clicked and opened, still nothing.

So that was the first problem.

The second problem is, is there a User Manual somewhere? I thought it would be at the “Show Help (Online)” menu item, but when I selected, I was directed to a page that does not exist (HTTP 404). Can you please fix the link?

Thank you!

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I found a way to install the voicebanks. Double clicking doesn’t work, but the voicebank file can be dragged into SynthV Pro and it will prompt to install.

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The Gatekeeper glitch is caused by Apple’s recent requirement for all applications and packages to be notarized on macOS 10.14.5 and later versions. We have reissued our distributors a notarized version.

Online help button now redirects to our resource page which hosts links to the video tutorial series.

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Thank you for your reply! The resources page is very helpful!

For those of you who have the old installer, you can install the voicebanks by dragging the voicebank file into the GUI, and that will install the voicebanks.

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