Synthesizer V Studio Pro对于Airpods一代的支持/Synthesizer V Studio Pro does not support AirPods 1st generation

本机系统:MasOS Catalina 10.15.5,连接Airpods 1代使用。
1.使用Synthesizer V Studio Pro时可选采样率只有16000Hz导致音质大幅降低。目前只在本机出现此问题,不能确定其他用户的机器是否存在同样的问题。
2.在连接Airpods 1代后选择扬声器播放无效,即Synthesizer V Studio Pro编辑器在连接Airpods 1代后无法使用其他音频输出设备,目前问题也只出现在本机。

Local system: MasOS Catalina 10.15.5, used with Airpods 1st generation.

  1. When I use Synthesizer V Studio Pro, the selectable sampling rate is only 16000Hz, which leads to a significant reduction in sound quality. Now this problem only occurs on my MacBook, and I’m not sure whether other users’ MacBooks have this problem.
  2. After connecting Airpods 1st generation, selecting the speaker is invalid, that is, Synthesizer V Studio Pro editor cannot use other audio output devices after connecting to Airpods 1st generation, and this problem also appears on my MacBook.

问题1/Problem 1:

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想问一下解决了吗,我也有这样的问题_(:3 」∠)_