SynthV Cover - All Too Well (Eleanor Forte Cover)

Hi there! here’s my second cover once again a song from Taylor Swift!

I learnt several new features while making the second cover that i never implemented in my first cover…
Such as using + and - in the notes to spread the lyrics…
And not overusing tuning just because…

Hope you like it!

Edit: oh no. Its been removed for sounding too similar to the original singer… It doesn’t even sound that identical…

welp ill just send the file here instead…

Uhm I soundcloud says that the track was not found.
Edit: it’s fixed.

So sorry about the soundcloud link… I think i got a copyright strike… So I couldnt upload it

The vocals sound good, but the instrumental is too loud in my opinion.

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Right. Now I think I have to work on being able to properly mix the vocals and instrumental tgt.
Thanks for the tip!

Good luck with the mixing. It will get better as you make more covers.

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