[SynthV Original] I Wish Upon the Stars - Eleanor Forte

Hello! I’ve been playing around a bit with Synthesizer V (Eleanor mostly haha) and I’m really impressed with how smooth it is to use! This is the first song I actually finished, and I think it sounds okay? It isn’t a cover though, it’s an original song (so I’m really happy Eleanor Forte exists because I’ve been struggling with VCCV voice banks in utau synth for a while now haha)

Some things I’m still not really sure about how to fix. For example, the way Eleanore says “girl” in the first verse is a lot “stronger” than the other words before and after, so it sounds a bit odd ^^;


It sounds good, and yeah Eleanor is great!

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Thank you! She really is~

It gave me a nice ambient feeling, that along with Eleanors softer vocal really began to build the atmosphere for me. I like it (also props for the instrumental upload ^^) Somehow the instrumental is really clean sounding, and that is surprising if you have just recently started to compose (Maybe I got it wrong, but ‘Clean’ instrumentals is something I started to really struggle with). I hope you make and share more amazing music.

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Thank you so much! I think I get what you mean about the “clean” part, most of my music before this has sounded really cluttered and all over the place haha. I think this is the most organized I’ve ever gotten ^^;
And thanks again for the kind comment, it means a ton!

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Sounds quite well tuned for your first cover so great job!

I hope you can keep producing covers!

EDIT : Wait. This is an original…
Holy Crap this an original.
Omg I’m so sorry. I never saw it until I saw Lifeline’s comment…

I hope you can continue producing covers and originals alike!

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That’s original Cough Cough

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