[SynthV Original] Kids Are Dreaming - Eleanor Forte

I tried to make something fairly simple, but I think the melody is a bit too bright for Eleanor? It was a bit hard to tune, but now I’ll now until next time! Also, feat. chibi Eleanor haha

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Love this original song ^^ The artwork is truly amazing I don’t know what to add about this, it just has an amazingly cute atmosphere.

And maybe a few tips of critique could help (bear in mind that this is only my opinion and that you can take it with salt)

  1. I don’t see a lot of people playing around with the Voicing parameter, like its as amazing as Tension, both of them together sound amazing. So I want to suggest to play around with that one a bit more.
  2. But also stretching from the first tip I gave, Eleanor requiers Deesing (I’ll explain what that is in a moment), and that becomes really apparent when going to low with the Voicing parameter.

What is Deesing?
Its an effect used on (mostly) vocal tracks to remove painfull sharp “ss” “eh” “t” sounds. Try implementing it (but be carefull to not use too much of it)

So all in all?
Play with the parameters, Its really fun and you can get amazing results of combinations of a couple of them going lower (or higher).
HOWEVER! Please use them with caution.

I hope my feedback/critique/tips help ^^ Keep on making amazing Original music

Thank you!!
You’re right, I could probably use the voicing parameter a bit more haha! I’m never really sure where to use it though… Do you have any tips? From what I’ve understood it creates like a combination between really low tension and high breathiness?
Oooh, so you use the voicing parameter to get rid of those sharp sounds? I usually try to change the phonemes if they sound too sharp, but I’ll definitely try that out!

And yes, thank you a lot for the feedback!

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Yeah, its kind of a breathiness + tension but the thing is, that those Sharp “sh” “ts” are more audible with the parameter.

Thats why I would advice going in with a “Deeser” plugin from your DAW, to get rid of at least some, if you can…

As for where to use it? What to combine it with?
It probably depends on you, and what emotion are you trying to make the voicebank sing in, for example Less Voicing will give you a somewhat calm almost whisper like voice (sometimes).
And its like I feel a lot of people overlook that parameter for some unknown reason. (but yeah it has its downsides)

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I’ve never played around with plugins before, but I’ll see what I can do…

Hmm, fair enough haha~

And thank you again for the tips!