[SynthV] Otome disection [Genbu short cover]

Hope the falsetto bit and the trills sound okay

Not sure if I’m going to finish this. Just wanted to test out Synth V and so far I’m loving it a lot easier to use compared to Vocaloid. My favorite thing about it is that I can see the pitches as I’m making the pitch bends kind of like Cevio but it’s not sensitive as Cevio’s and the phonemes are a lot easier to remember than vocaloid’s

My only complaint is that it kind of has that same sort of engine noise Cevio has…but it’s not as bad once you get to the mixing bit in Fl Studio cause it’s pretty much gone with the right vsts (I did notice I would need to cut empty spaces where there’s no singing cause there would be a lot of static coming from the wav file. i’m not sure if it’s because of how I mixed it or what but otherwise overall I really like this program.)


Sounds great! Re static during silent parts. I haven’t noticed this in the Eleanor voicebank, but rather than chopping things out during silence, try adding a light noisegate and increase until it’s not noticeable. That should do the job. You could also find the frequency range and do some phase polarisation to get rid of it… but the gate will work.

I think it’s because I used both Maximus (preset: Max loudness no saturation) and fruity compressor (perosnal preset) at the same time. and It’s the compressor is what’s causing it to make it noticeable cause if I had maximus on it’s own it sounds fine but the consents are kind of muffled a bit and with the compressor it kind helps the consenents sound clearer. It’s not noticible at all cause the instrumental was covering up the static but when I turned off the instumental for a split second to hear it in acapella that was when I noticed it.

(was kind of trying to apply some of the mixing tricks i use for vocaloid onto Synth V and work around if the tricks didn’t 100% work but i didn’t think of using a noise gate ^^ thanks for the suggestion!)

Yeah, if there is any kind of noisefloor, the compressor is going to increase that. Make sure you put the noise gate on before the compressor and you’ll be all good! I’d put it on at the start of the chain and then work as normal.

I’d encourage you to finish that song too. I hadn’t listened to much Genbu and he sounds great!