【SynthV】Outer Science【Yamine Renri Cover】

Hi again! I made another cover for a kagerou project song. I love the songs and the anime as well. I tried to work harder on the tuning and that’s why it took me longer to make this one. I hope you like it!


The time between your song releases are impressively fast!

Other than that the tuning here is fairly good!
I can hear the power in her voice!

I like to make them, but now since i am currently using Eleanor it’s taking longer. Especially because the songs that i chose need more time to tune and mix.

I love “Kagerou daze” its a shame I can’t understand japanese… Well the subtitles help a lot. ^^

It’s ok to take a longer time to make your covers.

Sometimes I feel that the more time you put into a song then maybe it would come out much more better than a rushed version.