【SynthV】Outer Science【Yamine Renri Cover】


Hi again! I made another cover for a kagerou project song. I love the songs and the anime as well. I tried to work harder on the tuning and that’s why it took me longer to make this one. I hope you like it!


The time between your song releases are impressively fast!

Other than that the tuning here is fairly good!
I can hear the power in her voice!


I like to make them, but now since i am currently using Eleanor it’s taking longer. Especially because the songs that i chose need more time to tune and mix.


I love “Kagerou daze” its a shame I can’t understand japanese… Well the subtitles help a lot. ^^


It’s ok to take a longer time to make your covers.

Sometimes I feel that the more time you put into a song then maybe it would come out much more better than a rushed version.


Umm… your vocals just seem so out of tune! What happened… did you get it wrong in the first place or did you go overboard with your tuning? Or is it because the vocal is not in the same key as the inst? I’m sorry I can’t be sure why