【SynthV】Senbonzakura【Yamine Renri Cover】

I found this song while playing project diva and when I heard it I rushed to my PC to cover it. I haven’t used any pitch bends in this cover and I think that my tuning using notes it’s getting better. Anyway, I hope you like it!


Something did change. (first time hearing the song) it sounds awesome ^^
Part way thru the project I spotted a really great sounding improvement… wow.

Thanks! I am working really hard to improve with this tuning. Also, I did change some notes in the beginning so yeah it sounds a bit different.

I really like this!! It’s unique how you make her voice higher than usual. Also, for songs like this I suggest using her C_D4 Sub-library! It makes her pronunciations clearer, unless you like her default one :slight_smile:

Thanks! I haven’t used any sub-libraries yet. Maybe I should try playing around with them.