Taller note properties window

It’s awkward to scroll in note properties window to adjust the properties. Would be convenient to show all the properties at once.

have you tried using “view and edit note property in a separate window.” option in the preference?
you can see all parameters to scale the window.

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I didn’t know that feature in the last version!. However, that window is an “always on top” app window instead of a pop-up window inside the Synthesizer V app.

I would appreciate if there was an option for the window to be in-app as well as always on top, same goes for other menus if possible.

There actually is one but it’s hidden because each operating system manages “always on top” windows differently and I haven’t found a good solution to that yet.
To turn it on, add the following line to settings.xml.

  <VALUE name="alwaysOnTop" val="1"/>

Yay Always on topity top!

I need that right now. Thanks Kandu Anything Hua!