Thank u, next - Ariana Grande【Eleanor Forte】(cover/カバー)

My second try using SynthV! This time I tried messing with the parameters more, aiming for more of a realistic vocal and I think it turned out pretty well. I didn’t add in a lot of the harmonies in the later part of the song frankly because I don’t have the time at the moment, but I think it still sounds good without. I also remade the instrumental in Ableton 10.


Its a nice song, I like the way you handled her vocals ^^.

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I like the vocal melody here, very inspiring and something to look up to.

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ellie fortnite said the f word
Anyway, this sounds really nice!! Better than my covers with the test version where I didn’t know anything about tuning.


Thank you for doing this! I was thinking about how good it would sound, and I’m glad someone did it. :smile:

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I’m clearly a bad influence on her hahaha.
And thanks! Yeah, my first song I didn’t really know about tuning either and it’s surprising how much of a difference adding some dynamics/tension/breathiness etc can make.

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Aww well I’m glad somebody wanted to hear this! I thought so too - I searched on youtube to check if anyone else had already done it and was pretty surprised no one had (though a lot of her other songs do have vocaloid covers)