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Hi I am relatively new to vocal synthesis/synthesizers in general, and I was thinking if anyone could share a bit of their experience about working with this kind of software. I know it all boils down to work, but maybe there are certain things that you noticed (even if its something basic), that could help. Even pointing to a tutorial would be helpful, thank you. ^^

I have tried to make a few original songs, but sometimes it is really hard to point at what pitch the note should be (even while singing along), but my greatest flaw would be knowing where in time the note should be triggered. With that said I find myself playing back the sequence over and over to get at least the similar length (or the starting point). I don’t exactly know how to use pitch correction properly as well… So yeah any kind of help would be appreciated. (For now I’ll try to search for tutorials and learn from them) feel free to write back ^^

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I am not sure about what you mean. You can’t align the vocals with the instrumental? Is that the problem?
And about the little tips, idk if this will help but when you are tuning the vocals, go haywire with it the first time and then adjust it to sounds nice in the places where you think it’s too much.

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By pitch, you mean the bends that you have to draw or the notes with the lyrics that go up and down?

I have tried twice to start with nothing but a back track for a song I wrote and tried to place notes one by one and while I don’t have pitch problems, timing is an issue. It’s not a software problem but a human one. I can’t write a good piano track with a piano roll and a mouse either SO: I record the vocal melody as a midi track using a keyboard or vocals to midi into a daw then fixup mistakes with the mouse and running a legato script in the daw to make sure notes don’t overlap (or they will be silent in Synth V), then I import that midi file into Synth V and now except for the words it all plays more or less correctly La, La, La style. Then I do the words and pronunciation in Synth V.

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Well that Is one unique way of doing it ^^ @bitman my free DAW does not have such capabilities, maybe I’LL try to settle on recording and then trying to immitate… (I have tried it once… but I forgot one core part, getting the BPM ) So yeah, anyways thank you for the tip, maybe I’ll eventually discover some similar technique

@Hiroi any tips are useful, because I try to approach music in a kind of an experimental way (maybe mostly through trial and error). I’ll try your suggestion, but mostly what I saw in your video, was that you applied the pitch deviation parameter mostly to starts and ends of a word (if I’m not mistaking),
I thought that there was some kind of a specific way to use the pitch deviation parameter. Anyway, thank you ^^ I’ll have to try.

You do have a bunch of options in the vibrato settings that you can play with. I don’t really like to get into the the middle of the notes with the tuning unless there’s some kinds of effect thing that I have to apply.

Here is kind of a work around for the fact that only when linked to Reaper can Synth V control that Daw’s Transport.

I use Cakewalk by Bandlab. Last night I grabbed my Frontier Design Tranzport handheld controller to see what I could do.

I loaded up the song in the Daw, loaded up also, the vocal track in Synth V.
Linked them then maximized Synth V over the top of the Daw so all I could see on the screen was Synth V with it’s “now” cursor. I spun the jog wheel counterclockwise on the controller and Synth V’s now time wend backwards because it was chasing the Daw! (I win). I hit play on the controller and the daw started play and so did Synth V. etc.

So, whether you have a controller that has transport controls or a mobile app to do the same, this is a way around the fact that starting Synth-V’s transport on it’s gui won’t start the daw too unless that daw is Reaper.

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