Topic on copyright

So I’m a new user and Im actually very worried about publishing any covers for now because of this issue…
I need some light shed on this topic about publishing covers of songs.
Some questions I could need answers to are including,

  1. Am I allowed to post any songs whether it’s a cover or an original here without a license?
  2. Is it legal to release songs on other sharing platforms such as SoundCloud and YouTube?
  3. Will my account be permanently taken down if the original music artist of my song cover sends a copyright strike?

All answers are appreciated. :slight_smile:

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Hi, welcome to synthv!
1.You can post songs without having a license if you don’t make money from it (like not monetization on yt for example)
2. Yes it is.
3. You shouldn’t get a copyright strike when making covers, you can get a claim

Okay then! Thank you so much!

With copyright strikes, it depends on the platform. Claims for cover songs are very hard to go through with. On SoundCloud it’s fine to take as many as you want, but on YouTube it kind of operates on a three-strike basis as far as I’m aware of, though it might just mute the audio or take away monetization in most cases. Have fun using Synthesizer V!

Thanks for telling me!
Maybe I’ll just post my covers on this forum for now.
I doubt they’ll get many views in the first place…

Everyone starts small! The first thing is to be proud of your work. If it’s just audio I recommend using so that people can repost to support, or of course YouTube for videos. Good luck :blush: