(Asterian) DRIVER - Original Song -

Hi, this is my new song. I think the voice of Asterian fits to this kind of music. It’s Rock with a little bit of Blues. I hope you like it. :wink:


That was a nice one! I can hear in this new ways to use Asterian, maybe his use cases are not so limited as I had thought.

Was that a real lead guitar or some plugin? Sounded great.

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Thank you Jaaba. The guitars are played but the amp is a VST. :wink:

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Well nice guitar playing then :+1:

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It’s a beautiful listen and the whole thing is well thought out and done… Asterian is my horse…

Thank you very much gauzde. :slightly_smiling_face:

@PMRecording a question: I noticed this was in YouTube under a username Rocksphere, but there’s also a user named PMRecording in YouTube. Are both your accounts?
I’m asking because I subscribed to both channels :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh thanks. Yes Rocksphere is the name for my Rock and Metal stuff. PM Recording is so to say the Label, because I have also a Popsphere and Cybakeys account. I like all kinds of music. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That didn’t hurt one little bit! :star_struck: Great song, tight and with a slick ending.

Also, while waiting for a Brett Sparks SV clone, maybe I should check out Asterian…

Very enjoyable work, and nice guitar chops!

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Thank you spitfire31. I bought “Asterian” when it was released. But never found somthing to use the voice. And now I’m thinking about doing another song in this style. Maybe a little rockier, with more distortion.

Wow. Sounds great with that voice. I wondered how Asterian would sound in other genres. Seems to be quite versatile.


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