Sync drift in Logic

I’m very aware that SV can’t sync properly with DAWs; it can only be given step-change tempo change markers at points in the timeline, and can’t deal with anything that has smoothly changing tempo. This is not that problem.

In order to work around this limitation, I have written a track that uses a single fixed tempo all the way through. Boring, but functional, or at least it should be. Unfortunately after 100 bars or so, it’s about half a beat out of sync. This really underlines that SV is really not doing any kind of proper sync; it’s just starting a timeline and hoping it works.

It’s such a shame that SV isn’t addressing these issues – tonality, realism, accent, pronunciation are all very nice, but utterly useless if it can’t sing at the right time.

If SynthV is rendering the audio in advance then the DAW simply replays a WAV or whatever then is it all SynthV’s fault or could it be the DAW not holding strict time?
I realise the above doesn’t help but a ‘proper sync’ would appear to be a pipe dream to me.
Remember SynthV is not an instant sound generator like a normal synth plugin.

I’m aware of that - but we know that good sync, even with continuous tempo variations, is possible in plugins that have to pre-render their output because Melodyne does a great job of it. I’d say it’s extremely unlikely to be Logic’s fault, as it would show up in other places, but it does not.

Curiously, I’ve seen mention in here of people using Melodyne to clean up frozen output from SV and solve sync issues – but this is something that SV should be doing anyway, and Melodyne isn’t cheap.

There are plenty of other DAW integrations SV could do, like importing MIDI notes, exposing notes as midi tracks (SV tracks appear completely empty in DAWs), copy/paste of notes from the host and from other SV instances, however, those are all nice-to-haves, whereas remaining in sync is an absolute requirement.

I wasn’t implying that any particular DAW was at fault or that the DAW alone was to blame, just that I feel if SynthV is effectively producing a 3 minute long audio recording for later consumption then synchronising is going to be a matter of “hope for the best”.
Thinking aloud here — I wonder if SynthV could simultaneously export a click track from, say, its metronome onto a separate track but simultaneous to its singing output, if the DAW could use that as an old-fashioned sync-lock input ??? Or is that just adding problems syncing multiple ‘audio’ files?