VST version broken in Reaper

Hi all, I seem to have broken the VST version in Reaper. Playback isn’t working - the playhead doesn’t move and there’s no sound. There are strange graphical errors: the VST is now at a lower resolution and not scaling or loading fonts correctly. My standalone app is still working perfectly.

Does anyone know what’s happened?


Have you checked that the midi track hasn’t moved to the right in Reaper or maybe a section of the notes got deleted? From your images, the shape of the melody with in the lower Piano Roll window doesn’t match the shape of the MIDI melody in the top Arrangement window.

Also, the start cursor is only half a beat away from the first note (Piano Roll window) while it is around 7 beats from the start of the melody in the Arrangement window.

I hope this gives you some ideas to play around with.

Unfortunately this is just because I’ve selected a track that’s out of sight in the Arrangement window, the midi notes are all lined up normally.

I managed to resolve the issue by reinstalling Synthesizer V Studio Pro; thankfully this didn’t require me to reinstall all my voicebanks.