(SOLARIA) Dust & Bloom - Made By Machines (Album)

Hey guys,

Been busy a bit this late summer when work kicked in again, so been away a bit… But! I released all of the tracks of the album I made with Solaria a few weeks back and figured I’d share them as well for the interested ones. Beware that not all of the tracks use SynthV Solaria on them, so if you dont specifically like the music as well, but rather prefer to hear some examples of Solaria wails I recommend:

  1. Highs And Lows, 9. Drifting, and of course my album opus 10. Avatars :smiley:

Album on Spotify as well if you prefer that.

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They sound great! Nice work!


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Thanks! Ill be laying low for a while to find some more energy for the next one ^^

great work :slight_smile: . Not my kind of genre, but it is well produced, and sounds great. Keep up the good work. It will be interesting to hear the next Album as well :slight_smile:

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I like your music, especially the slower songs.
Very well done.
You now have a new follower on Spotify!

PM me if you’d like to do the same! :upside_down_face:

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Thanks! I found Little Sparrow and Surviving your idols really nice songs with great harmonies! Well done to you as well :slight_smile: