"Above the Clouds": New original synthwave-style song with Solaria

Hey everyone

I’ve recently finished my second track using Solaria, been working on this one for a while trying to get the vocals really human-sounding.

I got a bit obsessed over all the little details (probably too much!) doing endless pitch and timbre retakes until it hit the spot, drawing manual pitch curves, playing with vibrato, ornamenting, tension automation, breaths, my CPU was going nuts with the constant tweaks!

Also, I comped together the verse vocals from three different bounces that used a variation of vocal modes between Soft/Airy, Passionate and Power to try and capture the feeling and emotion of the phrases much like I would produce working with a real singer. The lead choruses vocals are triple-tracked to create a wide and thick sound, with a stereo pair of backing vocals for support.

Hopefully all adding up to a more enjoyable song, I hope you like it. This is “Above the Clouds”:

All the best



Perfect work.


Well, today it was born - a harvest! Third listen on this forum and third own song and all are beautiful with beautiful music. It’s good that the authors are younger than me. At least there will be something to listen to and we old people won’t be here anymore and there will be more and more promising authors. I always consider myself an ordinary amateur author who enjoys writing songs, and I my those hopes aside put for the future life (for non-believers, I have an addendum: “If there some life will be one?” ) …


Well done! How long did the vocal programming take?

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very well done, good job!

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Hey, thanks a lot! I spent a couple of weeks refining things, rewriting some of the lyrics, listening to mixes, trying variations to the melody and BVs etc, but altogether it was probably about 10 to 12 hours of programming things in SynthV.

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Great composition and resulting overall mix / sound - time well spent!

Thank you, that may help me in my expectations :slight_smile: