Sing pitch mode resets itself?

Whenever I try to change my pitch mode to sing, the pitchbends don’t actually change. If I click it, it shows me the edited pitchbends for just a split second, and then changes them back to like they were before.

I get about half a second of the function working as normal →

But then the pitchbends change back almost immediately. If I change them at all before switching modes, it’s like they reset.

I’m new to SynthV (this is the basic version, Kasane Teto), and I’m not sure if this is something I’m doing or something weird with the program. Any advice would be appreciated!

The behavior when switching pitch modes can be changed in the Settings panel. It’s likely your current settings are set to prevent Sing Mode from overwriting manual pitch curves.


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ah, looks like they were! quite a quick fix for me, thank you.