timing clock or ticks

Hi fellow SV users.
Does anyone know what timing system is used in SV for the tempo?
In my DAW I have the option of M:b:T (can’t turn off emoticon for the B), SMPTE, Milliseconds and samples.
at various tempos I took the following timing:


It looks like SV tempo position could be about 16000 times the sample measure. If I can figure this out I’m going to try to generate a tempo map from my DAW tempo track and populate the SV SVP file. Might not work for various reasons but there is a simple entry in the SVP file that shows the tempo values and positions.


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SynthV uses its own unit “blicks” for timing (705600000 per quarter). The scripting API has functions for conversion between units (SV) and managing tempo markers (TimeAxis).

We denote musical time (e.g. a quarter, a beat) differently from physical time (e.g. one second). A blick is the smallest unit of musical time that the GUI works with internally. It is a large number chosen to be divisible by a lot of similarly purposed numbers used in music software.