I bought a new laptop, but I can't install it because the serial number is being used on another device.

I purchased a synth V studio pro and have the serial number. I recently purchased a new laptop and tried to install Synth V Studio Pro, but a pop-up message saying that the serial number is being used by another device appears and the installation fails.

How do I solve this problem?
How many devices can be used with one serial number?

i have 2 devices here, and still usable … try to contact their support, or maybe unauthorize the other one first.

thanks for reply.
If my new laptop is the third, can I use it on the new laptop if I delete and install one of the two previously used synth V?
Does this mean that one serial number can only be used for two?

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The above should help.
Be careful to DEACTIVATE all voicebanks AND SynthV as described above to free up licences prior to upgrading or scrapping old computers or uninstalling anything.