I may have missed the answer to this in the manual, but can I use the keyboard to move forwards or backwards a bar at a time on the timeline in the standalone version, or do I always have to position the mouse?

Fairly certain not Dave. Fast forward/back buttons in increments of a bar (or programmable amount) at a time would be useful along with key commands for them. I’m getting use to the workflow (my Stream Deck helps a lot) but definitely room for improvement.


Thanks Bob, coming from Logic I find some things about SV transport very frustrating … for instance … go to end button but no go to start button … WHAT???

… I do realise you can mouse click the transport icon to go back to start, but, unlike end, there is no keyboard command. (Unless I have missed it … I am a bit dim).

By default ctrl+end will seek to the end, but “seek to start” is not bound. You can find it as “Transport - Seek to the Beginning” in the Settings:


As for moving the playhead forward and backward, there’s no built-in feature for this, but you can download the “Move Playhead Left” and “Move Playhead Right” scripts and assign them each a hotkey:

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Thanks Claire, finally getting round to your scripts … have downloaded the left and right timeline movements, but have NO idea how to get them into SV, never mind use them! Is this stretching your patience too far??


I have looked at the Scripts folder, but no idea how to get the downloads into it.
I have no idea where on my Mac that folder is, it just shows in SV

OK … miraculously I have put Claire’s left/right scripts into SV, how do I now asign key shortcuts please … somebody?

Ooops … what a dope. Assign hot keys option at bottom of Settings. So sorry … (but then I have only been communicating with myself here).

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“Communicating with myself” :slight_smile: We must be of a similar vintage Dave! Sorry I didn’t see your posts but have been busy for a while. Glad you sorted things out. I use Stream Deck (see image) to help navigate (mainly use it for Cubase). Saves SO much time.

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Wow, that looks promising. Thanks

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Oops … just had a quick look and can’t find it in Apple Store. Is it only for Windows?

Stream Deck is a touch screen hardware device Dave

Ah … I don’t have a touchscreen. Thanks anyway.

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Hi Davec,

You don’t need to have a touchscreen, the Stream Deck itself is what Silent_Gratitude was referring to as a touchscreen. Although, it is not technically a touchscreen in the same sense as a touchscreen monitor or screen on a smartphone/tablet. The Stream Deck hardware comes in a few different versions and it has a series of clear see-thru LCD keys (buttons) that you can configure to trigger various key commands and you can also add text or icons so you know that each button does. The cool part about it is that you can set it up to work with multiple apps. The Stream Deck can recognize what app you are currently using and it will display the key commands that you have set up for that particular app. It connects via USB so you can use it with almost any computer. The green link that Silent_Gratitude provided above will give you more info. There is a learning curve to the included configuration software but, it is much easier than trying to remember a bunch of key commands, in the long run. If it is something that you think you may be interested in, there are plenty of demo videos out there to watch before purchasing it. They are not cheap but, they can be very handy once set up.

There is also an iOS version for those with iPhones and iPads but, I have never tried it so I can’t speak on how well it works.

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Thanks … I’ll have a look.

That’s a good idea. I’ve got a Streamdeck XL on my desk, why I never thought about this.

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Thanks all, but outside my dosh range. I’ll stick paper prompts on my screen!

Great. If you want the Icons I made here they are. Those not in there are from the Elgato library.


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Maybe add it to Santa’s list Dave. I have to say it is has been the best piece of hardware I have bought in the last few years. It just saves a crazy amount of time. Regards Bob.