issues with groups feature and pitch deviation

I am aware that Synthesizer V does have a feature that allows you to group notes together so that you could, say, duplicate large strings of notes later. However, one issues with the groups feature is that they have their own Parameters system distinct from ungrouped notes, therefore any parameter adjustments you make are considered part of the ungrouped area and not actually present when you open the group. This causes an issue where if you duplicate a group of notes, those parameter adjustments (most importantly Pitch Deviation) are not copied. Sure, you technically could just re-copy the pitch deviations, but selecting all those pitch deviations all at once isn’t easy because sometimes pitch deviations can go so high or low that they go offscreen in the parameters menu and therefore you can’t select them through the parameters menu. The only way you might be able to avert this issue is to create the group in advance before you start adding pitch deviations, but plenty of SynthV creators (including me) get to work on tuning the notes before the string of notes is actually finished.
If you know any workaround for this issue or there’s other features in SynthV that you can use to avert this problem, please let me know.

If you have the parameter points selected when creating the group they’ll be part of the group. When you select the notes you’re grouping, use “Select Parameters for Notes” in the right click menu before grouping them.

If not, you can either copy/paste the parameters into the group, or ungroup the notes, use the right click option mentioned above, then regroup them.

Also, if there are parameter points beyond the range of the parameter panel, you can just click the zoom option to make them visible.