Spotify and AI Music -- BBC article

This is quite an interesting BBC article about Spotify’s stance on AI music.

They’re okay with AI tools, but not with AI used to mimic artists. This being said, it sounds like they have yet to firm up exactly what they mean.

Link: Spotify will not ban AI-made music, says boss - BBC News

I actually heard some of this interview on Radio 4 a few days ago, I caught one comment that I thought interesting so, at the risk of taking a phrase out of context, I will quote it here (visible in the linked article above) …

“but AI should not be used to impersonate human artists without their consent.”

I think that allows us to continue with the SynthV model of voice databases built specifically for the purpose of producing songs and lisenced as such.
There is clearly a lot of room for confusion and ‘grey areas’ in the whole debate though.
ps. does anybody else remember an uproar about synthesisers making orchestra musicians redundant, I wonder to what degree this new debate is going to fizzle for years before quietly being abandoned as ‘old news’?

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Yes, I can’t see any issues with Synth V itself because the voicebanks are created with professional singers hired for that very purpose. Plus, they’re licensed products.

Mechie, I can go back further than synth orchestras :slight_smile: When small studios and home users got access to drum machines there was much scorn from older musicians. Even more so with sampling…and that also involved very convoluted copyright issues.

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