My new and old blues

Old - new song - my blues of my youth. Over three years ago I put my first attempt at this blues on SoundCloud with my real me singing it. Now I recently taught her to Asterian and he gave her to my imagination, which I couldn’t do three years ago. And now I have to learn it from Asterian myself. When played on SoundCloud, you can see a link to my singing from three years ago and you can read the translation of the text from Czech to English (it is not a text for singing in English). The story was based on my experiences in the dance course.


Blues music will never die. :heart:The musically complete performance of the backing band is wonderful. And the unique low-pitched male vocals also have an atmosphere.:+1: Bora’s personal preference is to have a chorus with a female vocalist in the hook part.

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Well done – and the older version with your own singing works equally well.


Hi gauzde

I find honesty in creation much more important then quality anyway
Quality you can learn, honesty you have (And no that’s not by Mark Twain:)
I hear both, so :+1:
I actually like your own voice version a lot, you could do without Synth V!?!
I’m not an expert in this genre, but it sounds much a-ok to me, a lot of character
Nice work, both versions!

I like your other songs as well btw!
I don’t understand the words, but I like to believe Leonard Cohen would smile
And who would argue with Leonard:)

My post to you from here - Asterian Cover - Purple Rain (Prince) - Cr3ActivityFirst の #17

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Yes, I want to sing it myself too. And that’s why I taught Asteriano to sing it, and then I’ll learn it from him again me, with the intonation in my head and when singing live I’ll work primarily on the color of the voice and expression. I couldn’t do this without Asterian and it’s a wonderful tool for me… I have friends who can do this (all at once) even without AI singers, but it opens up another possibility for me to create. Thank you for the lovely feedback.

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