Follow the Light - 16-minute rock space opera with Natalie and Kaiber video

OK, this probably isn’t for everyone :wink:. A 16-minute prog-rock space opera with Natalie. Something I’ve wanted to do since a teenager listening to early Yes and Genesis.

Using 70’s prog-rock instruments like Mini-Moog, Rickecbacker bass, and Roland Jupiter synth. It’s mostly in 7/4 timing Lydian mode, with some 6/4 and 4/4. The story is about space exploration and looking for a new home in the cosmos. The video was created in Kaiber using lots of different prompts and editing to try to calm down the visual craziness.

So if you’re a fan of prog-rock or space stuff. Sit back and have a listen/look. Thanks for watching and leave a comment on YouTube if you find it interesting.


I already wrote a comment on your wonderful composition my comment (Youtube). It must have taken a lot of effort, but a lot of beautiful effort. You had to deal with the pitfalls of a long piece so that it doesn’t become common throughout the length and has its gradation. I, an amateur, can also do it a little, but not at your level, but what I can’t do - make a video, even if I could use a video application …

I perceived it as a whole, so now I add - Natalie - amazing …

Perfect!!! I am excited. Because I’m also a fan of prog-rock music. A successful mix of YES and Genesis. It must have been a lot of hard work. 15 out of 10 points

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Thanks Gauzde. Glad it brought back nice memories. Long pieces are more difficult. My brother suggested to slow it down in the middle and that created the “Freefalling” part that turned out to be my favorite section. The video part is not that difficult - even just a still image can enhance a song presentation.

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Hi Tom. Thanks for the nice comments. Nice to hear from a fellow prog fan. And thanks for the follow on YT. More new stuff in the works.

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Thanks for your comment on YT. I will also post new stuff with SV in this forum and on YT in the near future. By the way, I’ve seen all your videos and I think you make excellent songs. Great work

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Thanks, Tom. Subscribed YT. Looking forward to your songs.

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An exceptional piece of work Sir! and a fitting acknowledgement to the MANY “extended”
works of Yes and Genesis.
I absolutely understand where this is coming from . . . .
I LOVE the 7/4 BTW - Always heightens the sense of the “unknown” . . . .
My formative years were indeed the 70s and Prog Rock . . .
I’ve been lucky enough to perform on some of Mr Wakeman’s Albums from then
notably “Journey” 1974 Morgan Studios, “Arthur” 1975 (Morgan Studios) +2016 (Angel Studios) “Return TTCOTE” CTI Wembley . . .
In all cases as a Choir Singer (ECC)
I play keys also - 'tho NOT for Rick :laughing: (As if?)

Hello Parametric. Thanks for the nice comments. I’m sure you have some great stories about the Center of the Earth shows and recordings. I listened to them over and over - as well as everything Yes and Genesis made. Even an obscure American prog band called Starcastle. Saw Rick in one of his Comedy/Piano tours a few years ago and it was a hoot. Any of your new music posted?

The amount of work you’ve put into that boggles my mind. Epic!

Thanks Northwave. It has a lot of parts for sure, but it was fun. I’m very pleased the SynthV can allow me to play in this creative sandbox.

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Yes, good point. The logistics of finding the right vocalists, finding the time for multiple sessions, the costs etc., for this piece would be considerable pre-SynthV.

Is this a one-off project, or are you planning further related pieces?

You’re welcome!
Yes indeed I DO have many stories and recollections - Journey @ Crystal Palace 1974, Arthur at Wembley Arena 1975 (3 Nights) - 2CD Arthur @ the O2 2016? and 2CD Journey @ the RFH 2 nights - for Rick 70th Birthday . . . .
Wonder how I can give you my email addy? (without publishing it here?) Do you have a FB presence?
I have a number of “works” - 'tho none with SynthesizerV so far (I usually do my own Vocals . . . .
Here’s a Video concoction of one . . . :wink: You’ll see my Prog- persona is kinda “conventional” - (you might spot the passing hint at “Arthur” in the lyrics) :laughing:

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Hey Chris. Nice reminiscence of your childhood. It’s interesting to be able to write about tors and moorlands and trysting - very exotic to us on the other side of the pond, but a familiar childhood to you. Also enjoyed your CP88 and Fusion compositions. I am on Facebook, but don’t use it except to post to the Synth group. You can search for SynergyV.

Northwave. I’ve done some songs with real singers - just for the experience - but since I’m not looking to this as a career, just noodling in my home music room by myself is all I need.

Yes, what’s next? This could be part of a series on wandering the universe if I can come up with compelling stories. Or maybe a rock opera centered on a Medieval Maiden or a Time Machine? The long-form concept is compelling, but there will probably be short songs as well.

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Great stuff. A man after my own heart. The very ending was the essence of “Yes” epitomized. Good Job!

Hey nakedivy. Welcome to the community and thanks for the nice comments - and from a true fellow Yes fan!

More than a fan. Back in the day, Jon and I were friends. While everyone else was trying to come up with “the great rock opera”, we were trying for “the great rock saga”.

Wow! How cool is that? The greats of that era have certainly left a legacy that no one has equaled since.