♫ Seven Years (an original song with Synth V's Kevin on vocals)

I wrote this song a couple of years ago but I’ve not been able to create a final production. A couple of weeks ago, I discovered Synth V and its voices. Now, with the help Synth V, I can finally get this song up and running. The backing tracks were created by PG Music’s “Band In A Box” and assembled in Reaper. I hope you enjoy the song.

♫ Seven Years (Soundcloud link)

All comments welcome. This is my first song with Synth V and I’m on a bit of a learning curve with the software right now. I would honestly appreciate any tips on how to get Kevin to sound better!

Newbie here but a veteran at PGMUSIC … I’ve had a synth since the beginning of this year and consider myself a beginner in AI singing too. I don’t speak English well, so I can’t judge the quality of Kevin’s English singing pronunciation and accents. It seems to me that I understand the singing by listening (but I don’t translate, so I don’t understand the content - the text is on SoundCloud and I can translate it via Google). Each word is sung in such a way that I could repeat it in a similar pronunciation. I don’t quite manage this with many live English singers. I am not repeating some of his words after him. Those who speak English as their native language are able to objectively comment on pronunciation and accents. I can only comment on your first song, that it is successful and I like it very much.

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Hi, Noel.

Good to see you here! :wave:

I’m not hearing anything intrinsically wrong with the vocal.

Kevin sort of lacks energy, but I think that’s the nature of the recording, not any fault of your own.

The range is a bit low for Kevin, and that probably doesn’t help either. It’s trivial to change the of the singer with SynthV, just go to the Voice panel and move the Key Shift slider:


Of course, that won’t change the pitch of the instrumental, but you already know how to do that in BiaB. :smiley: You can mute the instrumental track and move through the different keys, looking for a range that might suit him better.

Especially when a singer is holding a note, you want something to happen. So go into the Parameters and pick a parameter by clicking on Edit:


Base Parameters or Vocal Mode, it doesn’t matter, just start with something:


The in the Piano Roll pick the Pencil tool:


Now draw a curve in on the Parameters:


Did that help? No? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Then erase the prior curve (draw with Right Mouse Button to erase), choose another parameter, draw a curve for it, and see what happens.

Basically, play with the parameters to hear what they do, and you can give some extra life to sustained notes.

You can also make global changes to his voice. In the Voice panel, play with a mix of Vocal Modes. When he’s in the low register, you can use Tone Shift to use samples that originated from a higher register for a different timbre.

Also, you can open the AI Takes panel:


Then select notes, and change the Expressiveness and Enhancement of the Pitch, and adjust the Timbre of those notes:


Didn’t like the result? Undo, change the parameter, and try again.

Hope that helps!


Great tips for us beginners, many thanks!

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Thank you for having a listen, gauzde. Much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you, David :grinning: This information is very, very valuable to me. I appreciate all the insight you’ve given me. I was trying to understand parameters just a few days ago and I felt like that proverbial “fish out of water”! Now I can see what I was doing wrongly.

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