Recreating one of my own!!! - Somethings Never Change (2010) - Featuring Natalie and NineZero

Hi All - Really having a blast working with Natalie and Solaria. Picked up NineZero, too. Recreated a song I wrote in 2010 with my band Gene Pool Zombie called Somethings Never Change. This time, I used Natalie for the first part and NineZero for the second part. It’s so fun working with the singers! Really changed the whole character of the song - Here ya go - (You can find the original further down on my soundcloud track list). Big Kudos to Mr. Marty Leibolt on Sax (miss running with ya, buddy).

Still working on the mix, but thought I would share! Enjoy.

As Always, Yours



It must be good when it the musician creates with a clear idea and still enjoys it :slight_smile: