[Original song/Solaria] Overdrive - Dixie Fried (1970's rock)

Music by Overdrive

Dixie Fried is a sort of audio version of “Where’s Wally?” The track has tons of references to the hippie/rock counterculture of the 1970s – from the slang that gives the song its title, to the cover art reminiscent of Easy Rider; to the very structure of the song.

Reference lists are at the track description.

Synthetic vocals from Dreamtonics’ Synthesizer V software with Eclipsed Sounds’ Solaria voice. Guitars from samples provided by Noiiz website.

I hope you enjoy.

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I’m a fan of the 70s and that’s why I’m closer to that song, I like to listen to the song anytime. Quality work

Thank you, Gauzde. Hope you enjoyed the references listed in the track description. A lot of the fun is in finding them in the middle of the song. :smile:

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I read the references in the song in wav and took the liberty of adding one

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