[Natalie]- Cover This Masquerade #synthesizerv #carpentars

In this video, I cover “Masquerade” by The Carpenters, using the voice of Natalie from the synthesizer V.



Amazing again - Natalie’s beautiful singing, melody and so great accompaniment with a well-thought-out arrangement, and I drive the bassist because I love deep tones.

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Sounds great!

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Thank you for your comment! I’m glad you enjoyed my music.

I love the Carpenters, too. They have such a rich sound, and I agree that the bass is an important part of their music. I’m glad you could appreciate that.

I’ll keep working hard to create music that is both beautiful and meaningful.

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Thank you so much!


This is really nice. I love it!

Natalie as such a warm tone, you use it perfectly. love the strings too
great job

I love Karen Carpenter. This render with Natalie is beautiful

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I’m so glad you liked it! I’m a big fan of Karen Carpenter, so I was really happy to be able to use Natalie to sing her song.

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