An original song using Kevin and Solaria

I’m new here and wanted to say Hi and present my first song using Synth V. I’ve been writing songs for many decades now and have always wished for something like Synth V to help me to prototype vocals. In the past, I’ve always written melodies on the piano, not knowing in my mind what they would sound like when sung, until actually hearing them sung. Then there would be the inevitable back and forth with singers until they finally got their parts down. All that has changed now. I actually just stumbled upon Synth V back in May, when I heard the cover of Paramore with Solaria on vocals. I was like, “Whoa, I guess I’ll be buying that!”

This tune is my first foray into country music. Most of my stuff is fairly progressive, meaning different :wink:. But I wanted to write a song for my niece’s daughter as a wedding gift. Since they love country music, I decided I would try and accommodate them. It’s a duet with Kevin and Solaria, in which Synth V really helped me realize my vision before sending it off to the singers in Nashville. The male who ended up singing it was a finalist on The Voice, and the gal has sung backup on a ton of country albums, including Sheryl Crow, Garth Brookes, Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, among many others. I never considered having Kevin and Solaria as the final vocalists, but they were a close second! Besides, Kevin didn’t really cut it for the type of voice I was looking for. But I do believe I could have gone with Solaria if push came to shove. Both Josh and Tania were blown away, and I think Tania was even a bit concerned! Nonetheless, the Synth V tracks allowed them to nail their parts right away, and there was very little back and forth needed between us as far as fixes go. Tania was one take!

Anyway, here’s the video I did of the song, with Kevin and Solaria on vocals. BTW, all of the visuals, except for the photos of the couple, were done using Midjourney and DALL-E 3. In other words, I could not have pulled any of this off a year ago! What a time to be alive!

Here is the final product. Tania sounds astonishingly like Solaria! I think you will agree.

Finally, my congratulations to the developers! Absolutely awesome work, and such a deal!

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