Ninezero sold in Japan - Installer and voice in English?

Has anyone bought Ninezero AI voice bank for the Synthesizer V from DLSite?

On the Ninezero page on DLSite, there is a disclaimer that says:

Necessary Settings
Commercial Japanese software may not function unless your PC’s System Locale, Region, Format, Time Zone, and in some cases Display Language is set to Japan/Japanese. For more details, please refer to [ How can I set Windows 10 to Japan/Japanese? ] on DLsite Help.

Does the installer come in English? And is Ninezero’s native voice in English, even when the voice bank is sold in Japan?

DLsite has that warning on almost everything because they primarily sell indie video games and doujin works from Japan.

SynthV Studio products are not region-specific. The installer you get from AHS or DLsite is the exact same as the one you’d get from the Dreamtonics Store.

Ninezero is based on the human vocalist of the same name, who is from Australia, and the voice database was made for English vocals.

Hey Claire
Thanks a lot. :blush::+1:

Hi, Claire.

I just wanted to thank you again and say that I bought Ninezero’s voice bank and I’m very pleased with it.

Yesterday, I started a test track to try out the new voice on a hardcore song and it didn’t disappoint. It’s probably not quite your style of music and the lyrics are just a joke to fill the space, but here’s a preview anyway:

You guys at Dreamtonics deserve congrats. I never miss an opportunity to tell my musician friends that Solaria and Ninezero were worth every penny. :smiley: