Into the Night - Natalie A mystical tale of obsession in the dark forest.

Been working on this for a while and finally finished it – with a crazy Kaiber video of course. A rocker with a bit of a prog-rock flavor. Natalie sings with a lot of mode changes, and you might hear a bit of Solaria in the background. Thanks for checking it out.


Impressive video. Never herd about Kaiber, must check it out
Definitively prog-rock, reminds me on Kansas sometimes , with a female voice :slight_smile: sounds really great
hat off

Thanks Sucrepop. Kaiber is pretty wild and hard to tame into something usable, but it’s fun. If you like Prog, Check out my 16-minute prog-rock space opera on my SynergyV YouTube site.


Excellent - All arounbd Excellent!!!

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Thanks nakedivy. I’m glad you enjoy listening.

This is awesome! I’m not sure how you pulled this together - regardless I am impressed with everything in this video.

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Thanks, ChrisV. Just a lot of playing around and creative fun with Kaiber, Reaper and SynthV. BTW, any comments made on the YouTube page are very greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

I like it a lot :slight_smile: … i’m impressed of all your great work :pray:

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Thanks, Kenta. I really appreciate that from you. I really like your work as well. And you introduced me to Kaiber.

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