Where do people get illustrations for their videos?

Sometimes when I look for other covers on youtube a lot of them have cute and pretty illustrations of the Voices I never seen before, the videos often link twitter profiles but I don’t like using twitter. Are there other websites? Because I also don’t want to use AI image generators.

The Twitter links are the profiles of artists who are either commissioned to draw artwork for the video, or who have given permission to have their art used.

If you do a Google search for the artist’s name you might also find their personal websites or profiles in other places.

Most of the images you see, especially for original songs, are images that the musician paid an artist to make specifically for their video.

In the case of song covers many people use the official artwork or art that was not custom made, but which the artist has given permission to use (such as the images from Vimalion Project).

Twitter is a common place for people to find artists, along with other social media websites.

The general process is:

  1. find an artist you like
  2. check or ask if their commisions are open
  3. contact them with a description of the art you would like to commission (or submit a request form, if they offer one)

There are some non-social-media websites dedicated to paid work like Skeb, VGen, or Fiverr.

It’s very important to make sure you are clear about how the art will be used when making the request. Some artists will have different rates for personal vs commercial use, and getting art made for personal use does not allow you to use it for monetized content. For example, all paid requests on Skeb are for personal use only unless otherwise specified in the original request description.