Hamster Alliance - Hard and Slow [R&B Metal]

Vocals: Natalie, Solaria, Kevin, Asterian; additional vocals: Me, Voices of Rage 2.


First time posting here, but I’ve been learning SynthV for a year now and have used it in 5 songs so far, to varying degrees. Just finished this one, which mixes an R&B slow jam with aggressive guitars and drums.

This is definitely the most layers and tweaking I’ve done with SynthV so far.

I hope you enjoy it!


ooh this is very well done, and not a style i’ve heard before! good job.

Thank you! :smiley:

I mostly produce in prog-rock and metal. I haven’t heard this constellation yet, but it’s really interesting. Very good song :+1:

wow …killer track

wow :heart_eyes: i just Love it :pray: sounds sooo goooood …wow again :heart_eyes:

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Thank you, I appreciate all your kind words! :partying_face:

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