1.10.0 feels way slower with buggy pitch generation

After updating, the software is processing note at a slower rate, and some pitch generation is super buggy (inaccurate pitch, some just resulting in slides between notes) - weirdly enough if I click on the Enhancement slider (without even moving it) the pitch is back to its correct place. Not a big deal but is a bit annoying.


Is this with existing projects, or new ones, or both? I find it messes up old projects (probably because the enhancement slider is set higher than would be equivalent to older versions that didn’t have it). New projects seem to work fine. I also found that having multiple instances of Synth-V in a project (Cubase) caused crashes, dropouts and all kinds of unusability. I usually put everything in the one instance (lead/backing), and route to separate outputs, and when I changed my project to this way, everything worked fine. Doesn’t seem to like multiple instances of SV in the one project though.