Just updated to version 1.10.0 Noticing distortion in audio

I’m still trying to troubleshoot and determine the source but I’m getting some vocal distortion with Kevin that I haven’t noticed before. I’ve tried adjusting the loudness and lowered the master gain. I thought I’d fallback to 1.10.0b but don’t see that I can do that. The issue may be with my system but I’ve spent hours gain staging trying to eliminate the distortion. Suggestions?

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Is there any difference between ver 1.10.0 and the beta 1.10.0b? Perhaps it was a mistake to update while I was actively working on a project. Can I restore the beta?

You can downgrade by running the previous version’s installer.

How? I don’t see the beta 1.10.0b on the download page.

It looks like the download option has been removed from the beta page, I suppose this makes sense, stopping people using a version the developers know has issues!

Empty beta page

There are previous major versions from 1.10.0 back to 1.7.1 archived though:-
Synthesizer V Studio Basic - downloads

Whenever I install a new version of SynthV (or DAW or most big items) I save a copy of the install file so I have the ability to backtrack on the next ‘upgrade’ if I need to.

OK. I think the distortion problem was in issue with a corrupted Cubase project. Still, for the existing external SV project, do I need to change all voice banks to the most recent voice patch (to match the project install) or stay with the voice patch version that they were created with? Some of them are not working properly… the phonetics are way off and sound really artificial now.

Use whichever sounds best. Older versions of the voice databases will not be compatible with some features that were released more recently, but aside from some of the newer controls being greyed out there isn’t much of a disadvantage to using them.

I updated Solaria and have also noticed distortion :roll_eyes:… Dont know why… Maybe its my fault… Hmm

I have distortion problems with a database, which has not been updated recently with the 1.10. version - that is Rikka AI ver 122, file date 2023:03:30.
Recent updates are with date 2023:07:16