[Ninezero] Overdrive - Coz I'm Gonna Smash Your Nose (cyberpunk/hardcore)

I grabbed a very good discount at the DLSite online store and bought Ninezero’s voice bank. Yesterday, I started a test track to try out how the voice sounds in a hardcore song. Here’s the preview:

There are no lyrics yet, so NZ repeats the same phrases over and over again – which is funny, because it’s a style of futuristic punk (cyberpunk?) and this repetition of phrases was a common feature used by punk bands in the 80s.

I really liked NZ’s voice on this hardcore track. Initially, test tracks are to be given to potential singers, who would create the lyrics and sing on those tracks – so NZ’s voice would be replaced by the singer’s voice. However, I’m thinking of keeping NZ’s voice after all.

Hope you like it.

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