1.10 vs 1.8

I purchased v1.8.1 back in May and worked with it for a while. I thought it sounded amazing but was way too hard to use . . . at least for me. (The way it handled files made no sense.) So, I haven’t used it in about four months. I wanted to know if any of you folks have found version 1.10 more user friendly?

Also, I seem to remember something about not being able to update for free. Is that true? Will I have to pay for this update?

Thanks in advance for any information.

The main change since 1.8.1 is the move from “Instant Mode” to “Pitch Modes”.

“Instant Mode” was a project-wide setting that would generate pitch curves for all notes whenever you changed them. It was rather unwieldy and many people didn’t use it because it would overwrite your manual changes.

“Pitch Modes” do the exact same thing, but are toggled per-note via the Note Properties panel, so you can enable or disable the automated behavior much more freely. This was a major usability improvement for many people.

More about that here:

You do not have to pay to upgrade, just open the application and update via the License and Updates panel.

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Thanks for the info, Clair. Much appreciated.

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