"The best of my heart" new original with Solaria

I have problems with distortion on Solarias voice if i use more than 20% power…sorry for that… it’s been a mess since the last update :grimacing: … might have to start using another singer :frowning: …anyway this is another 80’s piece…hope the mix will do, had to compromise a lot to make it sound ok…in my ears at least


Glad to see another original. Great job! I haven’t tried the latest update yet. I’ll make sure to keep a backup of my current version just in case.

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Thanks :heart_eyes:… Yes do that :+1:t4:

I love the song. Love the work.

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Ohh :heart_eyes: thanks :pray:t2:

Another nice tune, Kenta. Brought back memories of my garage band days. Sorry you’re having update issues. I’m still holding out. Will need to do it eventually, though.

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Thanks :heart_eyes:…there was a new update for Solaria and after that i have not had any problems :blush::+1:t4: