Can I add effects including vocoder to synthesizer v vocoder?

If I use one of the voice banks in synthesizer v would I be allowed to add effects outside of synthesizer v such as a vocoder and formant shifting without breaking the Eula?

You can apply any of the usual effects you’d use for human vocals in your DAW.

This is the clause from the EULA:

(3) Renditions must not be used as the input to a singing synthesis or speech synthesis model, algorithm, application or any data-driven workflow that generates singing voice or speech.

While you could stretch this to include vocoders if you took it extremely literally, as long as your usage falls within a typical music production process and is not creating a derivative vocal synthesizer, you won’t have any issues.

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Yeah I would use the vocoder in a typical music production process with the synthesizer v vocals would dreamtronics be ok with this?

Yes, there’s no problem with using a vocoder as an effect in your music.