error: channel routing

Using Synth V 1.10 Pro on a Mac, running in Logic Pro and Dorico [notation software].

Channel Layout set to Track Combined.

In both VST plugin instances, this is what I get:

Is there a fix for this?

What is the problem?

In DAW or notation software I use, Synth V routes all outputs fine except for channel 15. That one outputs through channel 16, and 15 is omitted.

Interesting, I was able to reproduce the problem in FL Studio, except in my case output 7 goes to channel 16, and output 16 doesn’t play at all.

I was able to work around the issue by dragging the track in SynthV that was being sent to the wrong output into the position of that output – so in my case, since track 7 was being sent wrong, I dragged track 7 to the bottom of the list so it was now track 16, and everything worked.

There might be some other combination of reordering, duplicating, or deleting tracks that could also work, but there does seem to be at least one way to get things working.

For you, you could try switching the positions of track 15 and 16 in SynthV.

I tried the same thing just now. SV Output 15 plays through Dorico input 16, and SV Output 16 plays through Input 15. But at least I have all 16 functional channels.


UPDATE: I got all channels to work correctly. The Synth V problem seems to be created when duplicating tracks. When I created new tracks, rather than just duplicating, the channeling worked perfectly.

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