Saving a project with the lyrics intact

I watched some of the tutorial videos and got some lyrics into my track. I saved the project as an svp file. I opened the project this morning but the partial lyrics I had made were gone. I didn’t export the audio as I wanted to do more fine tuning to the lyrics I had. The question is: Are lyrics saved when you save the project? Help would be appreciated.

Short answer - YES!
The project file will include all lyrics, the attached image is a project I created a couple of years ago and all tracks have lyrics.
To see the lyrics you need to have a voicebank highlighted, then, when that voice sings, the words will be seen on the piano roll.
Regardless of being able to see words you should be able to rewind a project to the beginning (transport buttons at top left of screen) and play whatever you have so far.

I have been on it all day on my windows pc and it saved everything fine. I think it might be sonoma mac related.