The Return of Pierrot Lunaire: When Ezra met Arnold

Arnold Schoenberg’s atonal masterpiece Pierrot Lunaire was completed in 1912, and Ezra Pound’s poem The Return in 1913. Both represented a rejection of the linear scientific viewpoint of the 19th century and the embracing of the infinite possibilities (crushed the very next year) of the 20th, and I was curious as to what would happen if they were combined. The music is from a MIDI file of part of Pierrot Lunaire (Opus 21, Chast 08 - Passakaliya/Noch), containing the vocal line and 3 instruments. So I have replaced the vocal tune with Eleanor Forte singing The Return, and the instrumentals with other SynthV voices singing their parts by saying the names of their respective instruments. Unfortunately I ran out of notes near the end so had to stretch the last note for the last few words. The rug is mine.
Production & Direction: Glen Cram
Words: Ezra Pound
Music: Arnold Schoenberg
Singer: Eleanor Forte
Piano: Kevin
Clarinet: Genbu
Violincello: Solaria
Drum: Glen
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