Latest Update- v 1.10.1 Won't update

I’m currently running SV Pro version 1.10.1. I’m seeing an update to v 1.10.1. It downloads but when I select the update button, it looks like it’s doing it, but the installed version doesn’t change and it still shows the update available. I exited the standalone and restarted but it still won’t update.

Did you mean to say you’re on version 1.10.0? If you’re already on the latest version, then the “Update Available” indicator is probably just behaving oddly.

If you do actually need to update to 1.10.1, you can also download the installer directly from Dreamtonics and run it manually: Dreamtonics Download

If you do find again in the future that updating through the application doesn’t work, it could be that the software doesn’t have permission to access the correct folder. On Windows, update installers are downloaded to %userprofile%/Documents/Synthesizer V Downloads. If that folder is missing or empty, that would indicate some sort of permissions problem.

Permissions issues can usually be resolved by reinstalling or running the software as administrator.

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Thanks. I installed 1.10.1 update manually. Unsure why it didn’t work within the application.

I have another question. I want a section where the note slides down (A to D). I don’t want the instantaneous drop when you follow the A to the D, but a gradual slide. Is there a way to do that?

The notes are just guides for the pitch curve and phoneme timing. The actual pitch follows the pitch line, which doesn’t have to adhere to the notes at all.

Set the notes to manual pitch mode, remove the default vibrato if there is any, and draw the curve you want.

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