【Hayden/Kevin/Jun/Asterian】 “Enormous Penis” 【Synth V/a cappella cover】

Enjoy my a cappella cover of “Enormous Penis” by Da Vinci’s Notebook!


:joy: sounds Great

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Thank you! :grin:

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Amazing! I’m just being introduced to Dreamtonics. What’s the learning curve on this? Did it take a few months to reach this level? Is it fun to compose this complex stuff? So you bought four separate sound banks and the pro to compose this? Sorry for all the questions. I’m intrigued.

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Thank you! :grin:

The learning curve depends on the person who uses it. Some figure it out quickly, but some don’t. As for me, I’ve been working on voicebank creations for around 7 years. For me, it’s quite fun to compose any music just in general, whether creating instrumentals, using voicebanks, or both. I have a bunch of voicebanks that I bought, so yes, I used four of them to make this, and I have the pro version of Synth V, so I bought the AI voicebanks, too.

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I’m learning a lot from your answer. Voice bank creation was a thing before AI, right?

You are the real deal — seven years is more than a minute.

I’m familiar with recording using a DAW but I am wondering if I may be taking on too much with this purchase.

I am not a great singer and I thought I could use the AI to get competitive vocal (yours are) but it sounds like a lot of work.

Also I never could understand from the moderator’s answers if you can copyright and release original music with Synth V.

She said something about asking for permission before you publish and it was a red flag :triangular_flag_on_post: to possibly running into problems.

Have you released any original music?

Sorry for all the questions. I am asking because your skills at this make it totally likely you could be releasing, streaming and making money with your creations.

Thanks for your help!

I appreciate it !



Vocal synthesizers have existed before the introduction of AI. Vocaloid, a program that emerged in 2004 and gained popularity in 2007 with Hatsune Miku’s voicebank, played a significant role in shaping modern vocal synths.

I use Guitar Pro 8 to explore different possibilities in my music creation. I’ve been using Guitar Pro since version 5, and I started sharing my instrumental covers on YouTube 15 years ago.

Despite not being a great singer, I don’t let that discourage me from making music. The amount of effort involved depends on the complexity of the project.

While I focus on creating song covers, many people regularly produce original compositions. You can find examples on the “Music Release” forum on here. There’s a Synth V Reddit to find more, as well as finding them on YouTube and SoundCloud.

Although I’ve been told I could make money from my content, I do it purely as a hobby and for fun. It’s satisfying to see people enjoy my work and gain more views, likes, and subscribers on YouTube, but ultimately, the numbers don’t define my passion. Whether people like it or not, I simply move on to the next project.

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Thanks! That’s good info! Maybe I’ll send you a song with a rough vocal and you can do your magic and we can go 50/50 on the whole project, release it and make millions.

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Possibly. Maybe we can figure something out. I’d still like to hear what you’re able to create.

Of course! I’ll give it a shot. Do you have any recommendations where to start learning? Did you follow any videos or guides? What made you choose Synth V over the others?

Numerous tutorials can be found on YouTube for learning about Synth V. If you search for “Synth V tutorials,” the first result will be a tutorial series by Dreamtonics, the creators of Synth V. This is particularly helpful for beginners. Additionally, there are tutorials available from other individuals that you can explore and learn from. Personally, this is how I learned to use Synth V. Initially, I experimented with Vocaloid and even released a few covers using it. One of my most successful covers was an English rendition of the “High Range Test,” for which I created English lyrics based on the original Japanese lyrics. However, I found Synth V to be a more user-friendly option and decided to exclusively use it for creating all of my covers. Synth V introduced Eleanor Forte, who was widely regarded as having the most realistic-sounding voicebank at that time.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all my questions. I know I ask a lot of questions. Are you in the States or another country? I’m in California.

Did you upload your song I heard to YouTube? It was a lot better than the ones I found from Synth V.

Once again, I am grateful you took the time to be so helpful.

I was very confused when I saw how many AI vocal plugins there are, Musicfy, Lala, UberDuck, Voice.ai, etc. I did not understand any of them.

I took a bit of a chance with Dreamtonics and hearing your song was what sold me.

Thank you!

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Lol, this is really good!

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Thank you! I’m glad that you enjoyed it :grin: