[SYNTH V STUDIO PRO] Kevin AI - Breaking the Habit (Linkin Park Cover)


This is the first time listening to anything from Dreamtonics and it’s impressive you did a nice job. How long have you been working with the software. I’m trying to get an idea of the learning curve involved. I saw the demo with “Amazing Grace” by the Sol girl, whatever, and my first thought was how many hours does it take to get to that level. I have no idea how long it took you but it sounds great.

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Thank you so much! So I’ve been using synth v for a couple years and it’s a little bit intimidating when you first use it but gets easier after a little bit of experimenting. I used to use the UTAU program so that kind of made it a little easier to understand but it’s not that difficult.

Do you have any recommendation how to start out learning it based on your experience. Did you find any videos or guides to help? If you were to guess how many hours you put in before you started to feel comfortable, and could create something that sounded good? Or like, two hours a day for a week, month? It sounds scary. What made you go with Synth V over all the others?

Hmmmmm I’d say maybe a couple months before I felt pretty comfortable using synth v. Usually when I’m making a cover it really depends. Could take a couple hours to do the main vocals and then a couple more for harmonies, backing vocals, etc. I like to take breaks so one day I’ll do the melody and then the next day the harmonies. YouTube has really been my best friend in learning and understanding the basics (also the forum) As for why I chose synth v over other programs honestly it just has the better voices and it isn’t too hard to get used to. I used to use UTAU and, as much as I loved it, synth v offered high quality voices for free (I used to use the free version) and when I got studio pro and started getting the paid vocals they were definitely worth the price.

Thank you very much for your reply.

It’s a little scary. I am just jumping in. I didn’t even know there was a difference between AI and Synth V. I guess Synth V is an instrument.

I emailed Musicfy and asked if I could copyright and release music and they told me sure, go ahead.

And I am like, wait, how can I release music sounding like someone famous and infringing on their image without getting taken down or sued.

They have not responded. Maybe I just don’t get what Musicfy actually does. Hahaha :joy:

Anyway I will search for YouTube videos that teach Dreamtonics Synth V.

Do you have a favorite? I know with music production 95-percent suck and are aggravating!

Have a nice week! Thanks Again!