New Beta 1.11.01b

Hey guys. Has anyone installed the new beta update 1.11.01b yet? Are there any problems or can I use it without hesitation. The new stuff like ARA and audio to midi are nice

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As long as you have the 1.10.1 installer on hand and back up your project files before using them with the beta, there’s very little risk to trying it out.

If you need to downgrade you can simply run the installer for the current release version.

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It’s really nice but for me, there’s are lag spikes. The lag is similar to 1.7.0 and sometimes it freezes.

I’m trying it out now. So far I have had no issues with the standalone beta. The voice-to-midi feature works pretty well.

However, I am on Studio One Artist version 5.5. According to the docs, the ARA plugin is fully supported, but I am getting the message “Plugin failed to start in ARA mode.” I mean, it’s still in beta, but I was hoping to test it. I was wondering if anyone has Studio One professional version 5 or Studio One Artist version 6 and has the plugin working for them?

Have you followed the instructions provided by Dreamtonics?

Yeah, I took a look at that. It’s pretty straightforward in Studio One–you just drag and drop the ARA plugin onto the audio clip.

I saw someone else post that they were getting an error as well and they had version 6.0. When they upgraded to version 6.5, it fixed it. I have version 5.5, and even though they said it works in versions 5 and up, I’m wondering if that is wrong.

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I’m on a Mac and the voice to midi with lyrics works on the stand alone version but unfortunately it doesn’t capture all the words, there are many midi notes missing lyrics and it’s not playing back exactly what was in the audio file. But it’s a great starting effort.

The quality of phonetic transcription will vary a lot based on the clarity of the original recording. It’s much better to treat it as a starting point or shortcut, because human vocalists very often use ambiguous pronunciations that will not be accurately transcribed, either due to less clear audio to analyze or simply because the sound the human vocalist produced is “halfway between” two of SynthV Studio’s phonemes.

The ARA plugins is not working for me in Studio One 6. Dragging and dropping the ARA plugin on an audio file unfortunately does nothing.

The quality of phonetic transcription from a very clean Acapella from LoopCloud, with the plugin version does not come anywhere close to the source material and I get lots of empty notes. Tested on the latest version of FLStudio on a Mac.

beta voicebanks need activation code. Help!

You can only test the beta version of a paid product if you have purchased it. The beta version uses the same activation as for the release version of the voice database.