Fool || ft Asterian Lite & Solaria Lite || original

So uhhhhhh
I dunno if it’s a good idea to post this, but eh. My funeral :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s for the Asterian song contest. Don’t click with expectations, it’s my first song fully written by me (second altogether, someone else wrote the instrumental for the first. And I wrote it three years ago.)
The instrumental sucks the most, I think. The rest is fine by my standerts.

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Its very nice asterian is very crisp the tuning is excellent, and i also think its clever that the instrumental is the default bell in synthv and very good lyrics :blush:

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to do much tuning, so most of it is his default (other than a few tweaks in pitch bengs and vibrato ive done), but I’m still happy you like it!
Thanks so much, i’m really glad you like the lyrics too :blush:

Hmm even though it was default he still sounded really crisp i really like and im actually working on vocaloid/synthv/utau album and im working on my first song with miku english called boba tea girl and everything is going well, any ways keep up the hard work

Sounds really cool! I’d love to check it out if you put it up online :slight_smile:
Anyways, I’ll try my best and sorry for taking so long to reply, i never check my mail for notifications ^^’