Great Great Grandchild - (PLUR Mix) - Hayden - Pop/EDM Vocal Also on Spotify and others.

Dedicated to the memory of my brother Dan on what would have been his 54th birthday. My first and most constant bandmate, taken from us far too soon. Missing you every day.

Great Great Grandchild
Words & Music by Richard deCosta

Great great grandchild…
Great great grandchild…

What is filling this old dish?
Could you eat it? Oh, don’t you wish?
Are you warmed by the glow
From the fires we started long, long ago?

Is it silent, the once-loud street?
Do the echoes of joy now retreat?
Are you haunted by laughter lost,
In the winds of time, tempest-tossed?

Great great grandchild,
What have I left for you?
Is it safe, is it sound?
Or did we burn it to the ground?
Great great grandchild?
Great great grandchild?

VERSE Is it empty, the chair so dear?
Are there whispers that only you hear?
Do you miss the warmth now gone,
From decisions we made at the dawn?

Is it fading, the evening light?
Does it signal an endless night?
Do you feel the chill in the air,
From the future we choose not to spare?

Did we grow old together,
Did we grow rough, tough as leather?
Great great grandchild?
Great great grandchild?


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