Shower The People [SATB] cover

This is the result of my first experience using Synthesizer V, an arrangement of Shower The People.
(I have been making rehearsal tracks for myself mostly with piano based sounds, but nothing beats a vocal version)

Soprano/Alt: Solaria
Tenor: Saros
Bass: Asterian


LOVE your arrangement… “things are gonna turn out fine…” nice chord changes. Great job. What a cool program, huh? finally, we have a choir at our disposal 24-7 that never complains. haha. keep up the great work.

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This is indeed an amazing program (and community too)!

I probably should have mentioned in the above post that the original choir arrangement is by Juan Garcia (it’s mentioned in the video description), so I didn’t arrange it myself.

This is a repertoire piece in two choirs that I sing in and we recently had some new people join in one of the choirs and did not have any rehearsal tracks yet. Since I have some experience with creating (piano based) rehearsal tracks I decided to see what I could do and this is the result. I will definitely look into creating more tracks in the future.


As I also mentioned in YouTube. Amazing Job. It’s my favorite version of the song on YT. I listened to about 20 arrangements live and covers last night and kept coming back to yours. The pure sounds of the SyntV voices, and your choices of how you assigned the arrangement to each voice was amazing. It really lets you hear the beauty of James Taylor’s genius. And such a needed song for our times. Bravo!

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